Delivering on the promises of subsurface technology

NDB is an oil and gas management consultancy. Our mission is to deliver on the promises made by new technology and thus make every geoscience user more productive.

Stuff we're doing...

Why are the subsurface apps running slowly? Chatting to users, NDB worries that they get offended when we respond 'So what?' - as in 'what is the impact on your project quality? and 'what is the impact on project timliness?'.

NDB is engaged with a number of clients gently teasing the wheat from the chaff. Not being able to access social network sites at work is a deliberate choice of policy and might be argued from a Productivity vs. Morale standpoint. Taking 10 seconds to unzoom a project, or not running permeability sensitivity studies because it will take too long, on the other hand, needs urgent review.

Do get in touch if NDB's unique "informed interview" technique could help you get to the bottom of performance issues.  

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